Safe Campus

Message from the Provost

Banner: sexual violence is not tolerated

Important message from the Provost:

All members of the Western community have the right to study, learn, work and research in an environment free of sexual violence. Any and all acts of sexual violence will be addressed and individuals who have committed an act of sexual violence will be held accountable. Simply put, sexual violence is not tolerated at Western.

The University is committed to taking action to prevent sexual violence and to support victims/survivors of sexual violence.  Among the steps we have taken to fulfill this commitment are:

Creating a safe and respectful environment requires a commitment from all members of the campus community, and Western’s administration will continue to do all it can to promote, foster and support that culture.


Janie Deakin, Provost & Vice-President (Academic)

Janice Deakin, PhD
Provost & Vice-President (Academic)

What is Sexual Violence?

Sexual violence is any violence, physical or psychological, carried out through sexual means or by targeting sexuality. This includes sexual abuse, sexual assault or rape. It also includes sexual harassment, stalking, indecent or sexualized exposure, degrading sexual imagery, voyeurism, cyber harassment, trafficking and sexual exploitation.