Report Sexual Violence

Reporting to the University

Deciding whether to report sexual violence is the right of the Victim /Survivor. A report is the sharing of information concerning an incident of sexual violence with the intention of initiating a formal process. The process for reporting an incident of sexual violence to The University is outlined on page 4 of Western’s Policy on Sexual Violence.

Non-Criminal Reports of Sexual Violence are managed by the Judicial Affairs Coordinator (where the Respondent is student) or Equity & Human Rights Services (where the Respondent is an employee). A report can be made by contacting one of these offices directly or by filling out the online Sexual Violence Reporting Form.

Criminal Reports are managed by Campus Community Police Services (in coordination with the applicable police service).

Request an Information Meeting to Learn More

Placing control back in your hands can be integral part of the healing process. It is important that you are provided with information so you are able to make a choice about next steps, if any. To help with this, Western wants to ensure that you are fully informed of your options including the difference between a disclosure and a report. Prior to you making a decision to report an incident of sexual violence, the following offices are  able to outline what is involved at each stage of the reporting, investigation and decision-making processes in order to support you in making an informed decision about how you would like to proceed:

Please note, visiting one of these offices does not obligate you to make a report. When meeting with any of these offices you can expect the following:

  • A compassionate and empathetic response
  • An explanation of the limits to confidentiality prior to you being required to disclose any information
  • An explanation of the difference between a disclosure and a report
  • That you have the option to stop the meeting at any time
  • The choice to disclose as little or as much information as you would like. You will not be required to share details of the incident or names of individuals involved in order to obtain information about the processes and supports available to you.  
  • The choice to file a report or not, except in circumstances where the Sexual Violence Review Team determines there is a reasonable concern for the health and safety of other members of the University community.
  • The offer of an opportunity to have a support person attend the meeting with you
  • An assessment of the current safety risk to you. This will involve asking you: Do you feel safe right now? If not, what may help you feel safer?
  • A discussion about what, if any, accommodations you may see as helpful and the process for obtaining such accommodations
  • Encouragement to visit the Regional Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre for counselling, medical treatment and/or the collection of forensic evidence. Forensic evidence can be collected and stored anonymously allowing you time to make a decision of whether you wish to proceed with criminal charges. You don’t need to make a decision right away
  • An explanation of reporting options and the offer of assistance with making a report, should you decide you wish to report to The University without pressing criminal charges. Please note, you can choose more than one option and you don’t need to decide right away.
  • Information on services and supports at Western and in the London community that may be able to support you further
  • The offer of an information meeting with a Campus Community Police Service officer to learn more about the criminal reporting process. You will not be obligated to make a report
  • The offer to book a follow-up meeting